Thursday, January 28, 2010

Facilitation Techniques with Stories

Yesterday I led a complimentary webinar on Facilitation Techniques with Stories. Here's a brief description of the session:

Guiding groups through sense making is challenging yet rewarding. Our job is to help people work with their stories to generate new meanings, learning, and insights. This is not as simple as it may appear. Stories operate on lots of different levels. Unless we become sensitized to the various ways people make sense of their stories, we will miss precious opportunities to help them find meaning that can guide their behaviors in new directions. This 45 minute interactive webinar examines dynamics that surface when groups share their stories and experiences with one another.

Here's the recording...


Nine Ground Rules for Working with Stories in Groups

Facilitator Guide: Helping Others Make Sense of Stories

1. What have been your experiences of working with stories in a group?

2. Have you gone beyond telling a pre-selected story?

3. How have you worked with stories when managing group decision making, strategic planning, negotiating, innovating, etc...?

4. Have you found effective ways of eliciting stories from groups?

Please use this space to share...

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