Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Epiphany - Perfect Time for Story Insights

Wow...2010...I'm not one to make resolutions but I am interested in trying something new. I thought I would begin to blog more frequently by including video messages as a part of my blog.

So on the this day of Epiphany I thought it was a great time to reflect and share the gift of video blogging. The gift will only be complete if you add your voice to the conversation and if whatever I share becomes a catalyst for your own insights.

Terrence Gargiulo - Video Blog - January 6 from Terrence Gargiulo on Vimeo.

Thank you for stopping to share this story space with me.

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  1. Oh, I forgot...if anyone is interested I wrote an opera with my father based on the myth of the fourth Magi.

    Here's a link to the libretto & synopsis of the story...



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