Thursday, October 29, 2009

Happy Halloween - Mark Twain Ghost Story


What a blog about story be without sharing a good ghost story. This one I must borrow from one of my heroes, Mark Twain.

The story is not long (4 pages) but I decided to provide a nicely formatted .pdf file link so you can share with kids, family, and friends. First let me acknowledge my sources for the story:

This version originally published in 2005 by Infomotions, Inc. This particular text was derived from the Internet Wiretap Edition of A Ghost Story by Mark Twain from "Sketches New and Old", copyright 1903, Samuel Clemens. It was placed in the Public Domain (May 1993). This document is distributed under the GNU Public License. I found this story on Ann Zeis’s website…
And now with no further introduction...ladies and gentlemen...Mark Twain

Please do not stand on the sidelines. Can you share with us one of your favorite scary, spooky, ghostly stories...Oh please :)!!!

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