Monday, July 25, 2011

"Go With the Flow..."

Sounds groovy to say, “Go with the flow” but what does it mean?

Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi talks about flow as being in the moment. What does this really mean? How might it be relevant for the day to day challenges of organizational life?

How do we move in organizations? Do we give into tides of constraints dotting the shores with recognizable successes and failures? How do we discern the faint melodies of possibilities offered by shifts of how and who we are… and what place should we assume in the ecological menagerie of conditions, gifts, talents and opportunities enlightening our constellations?

Story-based tactics, processes and tools help us probe the complexity of organizational life.
It sounds so groovy to say, “Just go with the flow…” What does it mean? In my new short conversational starter with a flare of organizational poetry I take a stab at stirring the pot. I'd love to hear your thoughts....

Here's a comp white paper that is a guide for helping others make sense of stories that surface in meetings, conversations, or workshops:

I've setup a Voice Thread link where people can easily post audio comments, text comments, documents, images, even record video reactions to my video all from the website without any fuss (you can even use a telephone to dial into and leave your sound bite. Please consider adding to the conversation:

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