Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Continuing with our series on leadership behaviors. This is the third of eight behaviors and practices. Following these eight I will share nine story-based communication competencies from my research that are critical for leaders....

Manage Boundaries

Boundaries are necessary and not necessary. As learning architects we are challenged today to develop a keen appreciation for the porous relation between an organization and its various ecosystems. Knowing how and when to construct and retain clear boundaries and also how and when to demolish unnecessary ones is an art without simple rules. Managing boundaries becomes even more complex when it comes to the realm of interpersonal relationships. Use this as a general rule: when a boundary is impeding the flow of communication, is eroding trust, has become an end in and of itself, or is in any way preventing us from achieving our objectives, then that boundary needs to be modified. Likewise, there may be times to erect boundaries in order to formalize relationships, protect our interests, or minimize confusion.


• Draw a map of all the natural boundaries that exist in your organization and that affect your role. Write a short description of each one. Determine which ones are out of your control.

• Identify any boundaries you have artificially created. How can you remove them?

• Are there any boundaries you feel are necessary but not currently in place? Think about how you will know if any of the boundaries that are either missing or in place will need to be changed.

Three Questions We Generally Get From Leaders About Storytelling: Reflections, Discussion & Tools

Are your leaders great storytellers? And, why should you care anyway?

With over forty years of combined experience, two of the world’s leading narrative consultants divulge some of what they have learned. Join Shawn Callahan of Anecdote and Terrence Gargiulo of for a 45-minute rousing interactive discussion rich with examples and practical tools.

I wonder…

Will you be as surprised as we were when we discovered the “Triple Threat,” of storytelling for leaders?

Find out the answers to the three questions we get asked the most. Prior to the event we'll share a white paper on leadership and storytelling. Following the webinar we'll send you a job aid that we use in our work. So give us the pleasure of your company and interact with your peers to take a nuanced but deep dive into the art and science of leadership through narrative.


Wednesday, August 19th, 12:30-1:15 (US, Pacific Standard Time)

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